HKMA – 管理心理學專業文憑課程

Professional Diploma in Psychology of Management
- Discovering Human Behavior and Psychology to Enhance Employee Performance at Workplace



The use of psychology in the workplace has been well developed for many years. Multinational and big corporations employ Organization Psychologists and related professionals to use the psychological knowledge about human in the workplace in order to select talents, motivate and “adjust” people’s thinking and behaviors. It is an important and advantageous skill-set for people who know and can apply that knowledge at work. The programme is designed to provide the knowledge and skills for students to be able to discover their own psychological weaknesses for correction and strength to boost workplace performance. It also aims to provide knowledge about leadership and management skills to motivate and counsel employee through systematic and professional understanding of employee behavior and thinking.


The programme aims to provide comprehensive understanding of human thinking, behaviors, emotions, and practical applications of them in the workplace. Students will learn the most popular and successful commercial applications of psychological studies, models and theories of human thinking, emotion and behaviors management about human issues and organization behavior. Students will also learn the knowledge and method of “reading” and “using” the knowledge of human intentions, behaviors, and motives to enhance better work performance, management skills and happiness at work.


The programme is designed for employees who want to have good understanding of their own psychological strengths and weaknesses to improve their work performance, skill of working with others and maintain high spirit and joyful engagement at work. It is also designed for managers who want to motivate and influence people at work for better performance and/or solving people issues.


This programme comprises of 7 modules, one of which is a management project. The other 6 modules aim at equipping students with knowledge and skills of related areas. Students are required to read textbooks and references. They will participate in group discussion, case-study and open discussions in class. The Management Project allows students to apply the concepts and techniques acquired throughout the programme.


Applicants should fulfil the following requirements: 1. be secondary school graduates or above; 2. possess 2 or more years of working experience; 3. have a reasonable command of written/spoken English


Cantonese (supplemented with English) Course materials, mid-term assessments and final examinations will be in English.

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PDPM – Discovering Human Behavior and Psychoogy Enhance Employee Performance at Workplace







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